A brief history of the Southern Aroostook Church of Christ

For those not from Maine, our name may be somewhat curious to you. Aroostook County covers the whole of northern Maine and is the largest county east of the Mississippi. It is rural, beautiful and lightly populated. There are three population centers with Houlton being a town of 6500 located in an area with a population of only about 13,000. Our members come from the southern and central portions of the county as well as the immediate Houlton area. Thus, we serve a rather large area, geographically.

We are very small and, when we began with just four families, we met (and still meet) in homes.  Believing that, with God’s help, the congregation would grow; we chose a name that could continue to be representative of our location and that of our members regardless of where we meet.

SACC was formed in late 2003 after several families had been meeting together for six months to honor God with our worship and to seek a firmer understanding of His will for us. Since then we have adopted bylaws, the Lord has added to the body of Christ, and we have gained new members from elsewhere. We receive no support, other than the prayers and visits of faithful brethren that many of us have known in the places where we have lived and worshipped in the past.

Over the past many years, we have added a website, approved budgets that are heavy on benevolence and outreach, and we remain committed to growing in our faith and ability to share the gospel with others. Our lessons and Bible studies focus on strengthening our own faith while also preparing us for service. We welcome visitors from across the county, the state and the nation. Come to Houlton, worship with us, and if appropriate, stay and join in the work. Contact us for more information.

May God bless each of you with his abiding love.