The Best Place

“The nicest place to be is in someone’s thoughts.

The safest place to be is in someone’s prayers.

But, the very best place to be is…in the hands of God.”

– Anonymous

When you think of the word, “nice,” what comes to mind?  A “nice” dress or shirt?  A “nice” gift?  A “nice” meal?  The word “Nice” always has a positive, usually very positive, connotation.  We like “nice” things, ideas, people, etc.  And, we like to be in a “nice” place.

What about the word “safe?”  What comes to mind?  Assurance?  Freedom from danger, or from oppression?  Refuge?  We seek “safe” situations.  We want safety.  We want to be in a “safe” place.

It is good to be in a nice place; a safe place.  But, is this enough?  Is it enough to live in a nice house?  Is it enough to live in a nice, clean, friendly community?  Is it enough to live in a safe, comfortable neighborhood?  Or, is there something else?  Is something missing?  Is there something even better?

In my humble opinion, the writer of the quote at the beginning of this article has it absolutely right.  Nice places and safe places are good, BUT the very best place is in the hands of God.  It is in His hands where we find true safety and peace, free from the burden of sin, and free from the fear of death.  Embrace the best place, and enjoy true peace.  God’s Peace.


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